EkoInfo CC with the assistance of other specialists, strives to provide a holistic, cost effective and well managed service to its clients.

List of Services

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA’s)

EkoInfo CC assists companies or private individuals with applications for an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), when they intend to do activities listed in terms of the Environment Conservation Act (No. 73 of 1989).

Environmental Management Program Reports (EMPR’s)

EkoInfo CC assists mining companies with the compilation of their Environmental Management Program Report as part of their exploration or mining license requirements in terms of the Minerals Act (No. 50 of 1991) or the new Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act (No. 28 of 2002)


Environmental Monitoring/Auditing

EkoInfo CC assists those institutions whose activities have an influence on the environment to comply with the monitoring requirements implied within the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Act (No. 108 of 1996) or stated in the National Environmental Management Act (No. 107 of 1998) and related bills e.g. Biodiversity Bill, the National Water Act (No. 36 of 1998) and the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act (No. 28 of 2002) or incompliance with their Environmental Management Program (EMP) monitoring requirements as stipulated within their Record of Decision (ROD) or existing mining rights.


Game or Livestock Management Reports

EkoInfo CC assists landowners (private/ corporate) with the compilation of management plans for either game or livestock. Management plans are site specific and tailored made to suite the clients needs or knowledge base. Aspects addressed in the management reports are veld condition, carrying capacity, stocking rates and general management information (bush encroachment, burning, alien vegetation).


Geographic Information Analysis/Management

EkoInfo CC can establish a Geographic Information System (GIS) based database for clients to assist with theirĀ  management requirements. The database can be updated at management required intervals, trends analyzed and priorities flagged.

Map26_Biodiversity Potential_GIS