Natural Resource Data

EkoInfo CC in association with other specialist is capable of collecting natural resouce data on a national, provincial or local scale. The information from these surveys are used in State of the Environment Reports, Strategic Environmental Assessments or provincial environmental monitoring.


EkoInfo CC, using its in-house expertise, or in association with other specialists, does surveys for research on national, provincial, regional and local scale.

The surveys on national, provincial and regional scale contribute mainly to environmental support and decision systems in terms of the National Environmental Management Act No 107 of 1998 e.g. State of the Environment Reports (SoER’s), Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA’s) and natural resource inventories e.g. land use and – status.

On a local level or for the private sector, EkoInfo cc monitors the influence of the specific industry on the environment, in compliance with permits issued by the relevant government departments e.g. Water Affairs, Minerals and Energy, Agriculture or Environment.


  • Application of Standardized Scientific Methods
  • Application of the Latest Technology (GPS,GIS, Relational Databases)
  • Multi-disciplinary Approach
  • Human Resources to address small or large projects